otrdiena, 2011. gada 29. novembris


Guess what? Yes the next H&M collaboration is with italian brand Marni for the next spring! The collection will be available from March 8, 2012 in around 260 stores and online. Can't wait for it..it looks like it's going to be very colorful and I like it! Check the video!

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 28. novembris


sneakers - nike, trousers - sisley, top - patrizia pepe, watch - swatch, gloves - pimkie, ring - h&m
photos by Ervīns Orlovs
I really love gold! These are old photos from the spring.

svētdiena, 2011. gada 27. novembris


Happy 1st Advent everyone! For those like me who didn't make the Advent wreath I found some materials you can use for making it. This year I choose natural materials in neutral colors. So lets start our work! And don't forget candles :) This stuff you can also use for gift wrapping. Buy them here.
vine heart - pine cones - grapevine rings - dried grapefruit slices - robins - mini brunch balls - dried apple slices - cinnamon sticks - dried bellani slices - raffia - jute bags - flax twine thick - craft papper - flax twine thin 

sestdiena, 2011. gada 26. novembris


Hello everyone!
Here comes the second color of PANTONE fall color trend catalog - it's nougat or all known as nude. I use this color a lot. First of all I like to use eye shadows in this color and starting this fall I use it a lot on my nails. I am using a simple nail polish and as a top layer I always use clear glittered nail polish to make a bit glamourous look and to avoid simplicity. This nail color works with everything. At the moment I have this color, also bought deep teal.. so need to start thinking of the next one.. have any suggestions? Hope you all have a great evening and thank you for your comments! 

piektdiena, 2011. gada 25. novembris


One of my favorite online shops is www.designersguild.com. I discovered it few years ago while I was making my interior design project for university. I like this shop because it's full of interesting and beautiful products such as tableware, blankets, wallpapers, fabrics, towels etc..and they make it all seem so perfect in their photos.. So now is coming xmas and this is really great place where to find beautiful gifts for persons we love :) I  really love the colored collections but also the white ones are great for clean and simple look. I find some photos (a lot :)) on their webpage and made collages to show my favorites. I love the colored parrots xmas tree decorations for hawaiian style xmas party and also colored notebooks for next years notes and sketches. I hope you can find something there for yourself or someone you love. 

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Lately I'm obsessed with things which are in beautiful packaging. For example beauty products such as lip balms, perfumes, creams etc.. I'm really impressed how these little things can change my thoughts about any product. The beautiful packaging calls for me to buy everything. I started to talk about beauty products. There are some products I need to use every day I can't live without them. These are - face cream, lip balm and bronzer. So usually I'm paying attention to this kind of products and yesterday I found great webpage (here) which sales a lot of great packaged products. Especially I liked lip balms so I made a collage with them. If I could choose I would take them all :) but it's not possible. So the best design in my opinion is Rose & Co - Rose Petal Salve because it is simple but enough elegant and has a little charm. But when I need to choose what's best for me the health comes over the design. So when I started to read all the miracles they do I chose Rosebud Perfume Co - Smith Rosebud Salve. You can use it not just for your lips but also for every part on your body. This online shop sells also other good and interesting products which I like - Dr Rose - Softening Foot Salve, Nougat - Rose & Jasmine Foot Buffer etc.. Only thing I was disappointed about is that the shipping costs are more than the product price. 
Thank you all for your comments and tell me what kind of beauty products do you like to use and where do you buy them? 

trešdiena, 2011. gada 23. novembris


-gift for my b-friend- 
-dream comes true-
-L'Erbolario bronzer and B nail polish-
-L'Erbolario face cream-
-Forever21 lace skirt, sequin top and deer necklace- 
-Forever21 lace skirt and deer necklace-  
-Forever21 pijamas shorts-
Good evening to everyone!
I'm very happy to show you these goodies because these are really goodies, love them! 

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 21. novembris


Yesterday I tried to make this cake. Recipe you can see in photos :) In the can is whole milk.


top-pimkie, skirt-H&M, tights-tezenis, boots-UGG, coat-phard, bag-naj oleari
photos by - Irēna Leite

svētdiena, 2011. gada 20. novembris


sweater-H&M, pants-ZARA, boots-H&M, watch-spazio24, necklace-Irena Leite
photos by - Irēna Leite 


Shoes are my love so I'm glad to share this with you. This is the opportunity to get free shoes for one year. ShoeMint is going to launch this friday! It is a new shoe collection designed by Rachel Bilson and Nicole Chavez. Crafted by Steve Madden. For your opportunity enter here: http://launch.shoemint.com

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Good evening! 
This is really great energy smoothie after evening run :) Mixed banana, spinach and a bit of red orange juice. I wish you great evening!

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- 1 hm.com - 2 hm.com - 3 forever21.com - 4 misselfridge.com - 5 welikefashion.com - 6 welikefashion.com -
More I look the photos the more inspired I am. Few month ago I wasn't so sure I like the fur vests but now I'm obsessed with them. Two month ago I tried one and I didn't like how it looks on me but now I regret my decision not to buy it because the look was perfect and the price was really good. It looked like the one which is the first on the photo above. I got inspiration from the celebrities and made a research. On the photo above you can see some of the vests I found on a good price.. now just need to choose the right one :) 

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 14. novembris



Today I was checking out the Pantone web page again and decided to find this fall colors in nail polishes. The first I choose is DEEP TEAL because this color is so rich and very deep I would say smokey. This color nail polish I will buy by the end of this year I promise it to myself :) I actually never tried O.P.I nail polishes so I don't know if it's good as it's price. Last week when I was in Latvia I found O.P.I twice cheeper as it's here in Italy so probably when I will be back in Latvia I'm going for shopping. I recommend this color mixed with a little touch of gold. If I talk about nail polishes I would like to recommend KIKO Milano nail polishes because they dry fast and last more than week even if you wash the dishes. Next is coming Pantone NOUGAT! Great evening to you all!


Hey everyone! 
Here comes the second part of CARS + FASHION! This time I choose BMW M3 CABRIO because I hope that in spring I will be able to post some photos with me and this car :) So for now I'm just dreaming and searching some fashion pieces which in my opinion matches this car or which I would like to wear while driving this car. This car is very powerful and also this is the great way how to enjoy the spring's and summer's warm sun and breeze. Also this car is very glamourous and that is why I choose the gold colored details and elegant pieces. 
I hope you all enjoy this combination. You can also leave a comment with the car model you would like to see here. I wish you all great week! 

otrdiena, 2011. gada 8. novembris



Hey everyone!
Here is the promised cars + fashion part 1. The first car is MINI cooper s cabrio :) I really like this kind of cars so I think the next one also will be cabrio. I choose neutral color trousers and combined with bright accessories. This is the old model of the car, but the new one is more better.. so you can check it here.  I hope you all enjoy the fall :)  

sestdiena, 2011. gada 5. novembris


Hey! As you all may know, I'm now in Latvia. I'm very happy to be here even the weather is very cold..close to 0 degrees. Outside is fog and the leaves are orange and today I got a bit of sun.. Thanks :-) .. Hope you all having a good time.. Soon I fill post something interesting - cars + fashion.