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Lately I'm obsessed with things which are in beautiful packaging. For example beauty products such as lip balms, perfumes, creams etc.. I'm really impressed how these little things can change my thoughts about any product. The beautiful packaging calls for me to buy everything. I started to talk about beauty products. There are some products I need to use every day I can't live without them. These are - face cream, lip balm and bronzer. So usually I'm paying attention to this kind of products and yesterday I found great webpage (here) which sales a lot of great packaged products. Especially I liked lip balms so I made a collage with them. If I could choose I would take them all :) but it's not possible. So the best design in my opinion is Rose & Co - Rose Petal Salve because it is simple but enough elegant and has a little charm. But when I need to choose what's best for me the health comes over the design. So when I started to read all the miracles they do I chose Rosebud Perfume Co - Smith Rosebud Salve. You can use it not just for your lips but also for every part on your body. This online shop sells also other good and interesting products which I like - Dr Rose - Softening Foot Salve, Nougat - Rose & Jasmine Foot Buffer etc.. Only thing I was disappointed about is that the shipping costs are more than the product price. 
Thank you all for your comments and tell me what kind of beauty products do you like to use and where do you buy them? 

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  1. So beautiful packages!I've never bought any of them above maybe the reason is that i've never find them in a store!Nice post!
    Kisses from Style LimeLight

  2. love this kind of products!
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    have a great day!