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Today I found really great idea in blog freshome. The author of the Twenty Cemento kitchen by Italian kitchen manufacturer Modulnova. I love the up-lifted facade. It is very interesting way how to hide all built in appliances. Also the colors are pretty nice.

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Hi everyone!
Today is the 3rd day of Stockholm Furniture Fair. I'm a bit sad because here is cold and seems like people are tired while they come to Hall C. But the good thing is that our kitchen furniture looks really great and it's the only one in all fair. Tell me what do you think about it..hope you like it!
Later I'm going to look other exhibiters to get new ideas and inspiration! 

Photos by Reno Lazdinš

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table "YGREK" 
kitchen furniture model "Harmonija" 
kitchen furniture model "Plusma" 
kitchen furniture model "Renesanse"
kitchen furniture model "Laipa"
kitchen furniture model "Harmonija"
Good morning, everyone! Today I'll tell you about the company I work for! It's called "ab virtuves" and it is company which designs and manufactures home furniture especially kitchen furniture. 

Above you can see some photos with our kitchen furniture models we have already made. We work with all costumers individually and we usually make unique designs for each of them. We love to communicate with our clients and help them to find exactly what they need. We work not only with local costumers but also with foreign costumers via internet. 

We already have 15 years of experience in this business and we have won several design prizes. This year our good designer Reno Lazdinš has designed a new kitchen furniture model called "R50" which you can see in photos next. Next week we will be in Stockholm because we are participating at Stockholm Furniture Fair with this new model. 

More about our company you can read here www.abvirtuves.lv

kitchen furniture model "R50" 
kitchen furniture model "R50"

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Let's get ready for St. Valentines day. I know there is still time.. but I will try to find some interesting recipes for this day and show you. I'm saying I will try because I'm leaving for work to Stockholm for one week and probably I'll be busy posting photos from Stockholm Furniture Fair. Today I'm starting with this chocolate martini recipe! 



  • -crushed ice cubes
  • -30 g dark chocolate, (70% cocoa solids), plus a piece to serve
  • -25 ml double cream
  • -ice cubes
  • -30 ml vodka
  • -15 ml dry vermouth

1. Fill a martini glass with crushed ice to cool the glass. 

2. Break the chocolate into squares in a bowl. Heat the cream to scorching point and pour over the chocolate. Stir until the chocolate has melted and the mixture is smooth. 

3. Put lots of ice cubes in a cocktail shaker, add the spirits and a double measure of the chocolate sauce (use the rest in a second helping). Put the lid on and shake, shake, shake for 15 seconds. 

4. Discard the crushed ice from the glass and strain in the chocolate Martini. Drop in a small piece of chocolate and serve while still ice cold. 

Variation: for an even sexier drink add a dash of Grand Marnier or Cointreau liqueur and carefully hold a lighter to a strip of orange peel and allow the burnt oils to fall onto the surface of the cocktail.

Recipe from - http://uktv.co.uk